Zipper with reversible slider for two-sided products
Zipper with reversible slider for two-sided products

A zipper with a reversible slider is very popular for manufacturers of products that can be opened from two sides. These include: outerwear (jackets, vests), sleeping bags, tents and bags that can be turned out.

What type of zippers are suitable for reversible sliders?

Spiral, plastic or metal. In general, any of mentioned, the main thing is that the slider body conforms to the selected type. Notably,  manufacturers most often use a spiral zipper in combination with such slider. In the product range of the “Molniya” factory, the following types of spiral zippers with a reversible slider are presented:

  • T6;
  • T6 Reversible.

Depending on the product into which the zipper will be sewn, the necessary type of ends are selected. For the presented zippers, it can be:

  • Open-end;
  • Close-end.

If you do not know the exact size of the zipper for future products, then choose a continuous chain zipper (only for the T6 zippers).

The reversible slider is offered in one of the most popular colors: dark nickel.

Why do manufacturers choose zippers from “Molniya”?

An equally important criteria when choosing accessories for the final product is to choose the manufacturer. Only mutually beneficial cooperation can be a guarantee of success. “Molniya” provides:

  • Experience. We have been on the market for 46 years (since 1976), and among our customers are large sewing factories from Europe.
  • Technology. For the production of zippers we use only modern imported equipment from Germany, Taiwan, and China.
  • Quality. Each batch is checked by quality controllers, and in-house testing laboratory is equipped with German and Japanese equipment.
  • Certification. Our products comply with the European standards and have the certification: OEKO-TEX100, SGS.
  • Individual approach. We make non-conventional and individual orders: any zipper length and color to match the product.

How to buy a zipper with a flip slider in Germany?

The “Molniya” factory offers quality products for manufacturers of various final products. You can order large and small wholesale at prices from the manufacturer. We invite you to mutually beneficial cooperation today. Contact us for prices and advice. Delivery can be arranged throughout Europe.