Molniya has been providing clothing manufacturers with high-quality zippers of various types and designs for 45 years. Zippers for jackets and other clothing can be bought wholesale at a bargain price from a Ukrainian manufacturer.

Varieties and main types of zippers

Zippers are divided by type, according to manufacturing technology, into spiral, plastic (molded), and invisible ones.

Also they can be divided on:

  • open-end zipper – it is used for outerwear (for jackets, raincoats, down jackets, etc.);
  • closed-end zipper – it is used for lightweight fabrics, as well as pockets, flypieces, etc.

Zippers by purpose

  • Spiral zippers are suitable for casual wear, children’s clothing, textiles.
  • Plastic (molded) zippers are suitable for outerwear.
  • Two-way zippers for products that have two sides (sports jackets, vests, sweatshirts).
  • Zippers with two sliders for outerwear, overalls.
  • Invisible zippers: for skirts and dresses, trousers, etc.

At Molniya, you can order zippers for various products: zippers for double-sided jackets, zippers for children’s jackets, zippers for sportswear and others.

Buy zippers for jackets and other clothing wholesale

To order or to get a consultation, please leave a request on our website or contact us via the Contacts. Our experts will help you with your choice and place your order. Delivery is carried out throughout Germany and to other European countries.

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