Plastic (molded) zipper consists of two tapes with blade connected by a slider.

Plastic (molded) zipper: types and scopes of use

Molniya uses a full cycle production of plastic zippers.

Plastic (molded) zippers are considered to be strong and tough thanks to their plastic teeth. These blades look rough, but they are ideal for equipping products made of dense and heavy fabrics.

Plastic (molded) zippers are versatile, they are used for sewing of:

  • fashionable outerwear;
  • tourist and sportswear;
  • overalls;
  • leather goods;
  • various covers, tents, awnings, etc.

Plastic (molded) zippers are made in different sizes, shades, and different color combinations at Molniya. We offer:

  • L7 (closed-end, open-end, two-way zippers);
  • L8 (open-end, two-way zippers).

Plastic (molded) zippers wholesale from a reliable manufacturer

You can buy plastic (molded) zippers using the Contacts on our website. Orders are delivered to Germany and other parts of Europe.

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