Increasingly, manufacturers are begin to use zippers for sewing bed linen. You can usually find a zipper in a duvet cover, a pillowcase, and decorative pillows.

Which zippers to use for sewing bedding?

We recommend using T4 spiral continuous chain and choosing sliders separately. The width of the zipper tape is 25mm, the width of the closed coil is 4mm.

For home textiles, zippers with non-lock sliders are used with a small pull (4.3, 4.4, 4.8) or without puller at all (4.10, 4BR).

In order to get the exact color, we offer a great option – zippers to match the product.

Benefits of our zippers

We produce zippers for pillows and bedding, using modern equipment from leading European and Asian countries.

Zippers manufactured by Molniya meet international quality standards (OEKO-TEX100).

Buy zippers for bedding from the manufacturer

Molniya factory has been manufacturing plastic zippers of various designs and complexity for 45 years. We sell our products in large and small wholesale. Orders can be delivered to Germany and other European countries. Consultation and ordering is carried out by the Contacts on our website.

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