Zipper types

Continuous chain
Zipper continuous chain is convenient for customers who use different zipper length each time and don’t need it with top/bottom stops, e.g. mattresses, bedding, furniture, covers, footwear repair, etc.
Footwear, trousers, skirts, pockets, handbags, wallets and small goods, sleeping bags, tents, sleeve extenders, etc.
Two-way close end, O-type ("bag")
Use this type, when it is necessary to open the zipper from the center to the end. Main use: bags, cosmetic bags, luggage, cases, etc.
Two-way close end, X-type
For products where access is required from any side: covers, sleeping bags, overalls, etc.
Two-way close end, R-type ("overall")
Mainly used in overalls, makes it possible to open the fly without opening the entire overall.
Jackets, coats, sportswear, outwear, detachable hoods, mattresses, covers, etc.
Two-way open-end
Outwear, sportswear, overalls, etc.
Two-way open-end, ("transformer")
When it is needed to unfasten the part of the product completely, or one side only, e.g. children's overalls and envelopes, detachable lining of the jackets, sleeping bags, hoods, covers, tents, etc.
Unconventional types
Nichtstandardisierte Arten
We produce zippers with specific design upon customer’s request.