Zippers are distinguished by the method of unfastening: open-end, closed-end zippers, as well as two-way open-end and two-way closed-end ones. 

The open-end zipper is in demand for sewing a variety of outerwear, jackets, sportswear, overalls, and furniture covers.

Choosing an open-end zipper among the range of Molniya

At Molniya, we produce open-end zipper or two-way closed-end of the following types:

  • T6;
  • Reversed T6 (with one slider);
  • T8;
  • L7;
  • L8.

We offer the following bottom stops for an open-end zipper:

  • pin&box (metal or plastic, depending on the type of zipper);
  • pin&pin (metal or plastic, depending on the type of zipper).

Buy open-end zippers from the manufacturer

Cooperation with Molniya factory is a reliable partnership, a product of European quality, and an attractive wholesale price. Please contact our specialists who will help you choose a zipper and place your order. Delivery is carried out throughout Europe.

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