Reflective zipper

Reflective zipper

Reflective zippers are the ordinary zippers with a narrow strip woven into the  zipper tape that reflects the rays of light in the dark.


A zipper with reflective tape is used for:

  • special purpose protective clothing;
  • children’s clothing and footwear;
  • bags, sports and children’s backpacks, suitcases;
  • tourist equipment;
  • tourist and sports clothing and footwear;
  • outerwear (jackets, raincoats, windbreakers, vests).

The use of reflective zippers increases safety on the roads in the dark.

Features of reflective zippers

For the production of special purpose zippers at Molniya, we use our woven zipper, which has a strip woven with a special reflective coating into the zipper tape.

We produce them as T6 spiral zipper. We offer different types, sizes, and colors, as well as continuous chain zipper with sliders to it.

Buy reflective zipper in Germany

Molniya factory offers high-quality zippers and sells them in large and small wholesale. To order, please use the Contacts on our website. Delivery is made to any part of Europe