Spiral zipper is a special synthetic monofilament yarnfiber twisted into a spiral, which is woven or sewn to the tape. Spiral zippers are divided into woven, sewn, and invisible ones.

The main types and features of spiral zippers

At Molniya, woven spiral zippers are produced on modern equipment according to German technology. We produce woven zippers of the following types:

  • T4;
  • T6;
  • Reversed T6;
  • T8.

Sewn zipper is represented by types: P5, P7 and P10, as well as invisible P3.

We offer spiral open-end zipper, closed-end with one or two sliders, two-way zippers, zipper continuous chain.

Spiral zippers are used for sewing a wide range of products:

  • on footwear and clothing;
  • on bags, backpacks, wallets, and suitcases;
  • on mattresses, upholstered furniture, and bed linen;
  • on a variety of tourist equipment;
  • and other goods.

Where to buy spiral zippers wholesale in Germany?

For 45 years, Molniya has been creating various types of high-quality zippers and offers a wide range at competitive wholesale prices. On our Company’s website, you can order zippers and sliders for them of any size and color.

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