Zippers for tents and awnings should be strong and reliable. This is the main criterion for their selection.

Which zipper to choose for tents and awnings?

For sewing tents, awnings, you can choose both spiral and plastic (molded) zippers.

We recommend a T8 spiral zipper. It is elastic, strong and it has no deformations both in closed and open versions. We manufacture:

  • closed-end, open-end zipper,  two-way zipper;
  • zipper continuous chain;
  • with wide tape: 36/38mm;
  • with a wide choice of sliders auto-lock and non-lock;
  • with a double-sided slider (8.3G), this a zipper can be opened from the outside and from the inside of the tent;
  • with water-repellent properties, these zippers have a long-term water-repellent effect.

The following types are also used for awnings and tents:

  • L8 plastic (molded) zipper with increased strength properties;
  • P10 sewn zipper with tape width 40mm. P10 is most often used for sewing awnings.

Buy zippers for tents and awnings wholesale

Zippers can be ordered by the Contacts on our website. We offer favorable wholesale prices from the manufacturer. Delivery is made to any part of Europe.

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