Mattress zippers are one of the functional zippers that allow users to care and to keep their mattress clean.

Zipper range

The zipper is used both for mattresses and for sewing mattress covers. We recommend using a spiral zipper:

  • T4;
  • T6;
  • Reversed T6;
  • P5 (sewn);
  • P7 (sewn).

Features of zippers for mattress covers

Manufacturers of mattresses and mattress covers most often choose a zipper continuous chain, which can be used for different sizes of products, as opposed to measuring one.

Special marking option. Marks are applied to a zipper for the accuracy of its sewing in and designation of the length.

Sliders. In addition to standard sliders with a variety of pulls, we offer sliders without pullers, which is relevant for children’s mattresses.

We create zippers in various modifications. Therefore, you can choose a zipper that fully matches the concept of the product, style, and color.

Buy zippers for mattresses wholesale

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