Bags and backpacks

Zippers for bags and backpacks from the leading manufacturer Molniya with its own facilities in Ukraine.

Haberdashery zippers from the manufacturer

Molniya factory offers a wide range of plastic zippers for any textile and leather haberdashery.

Depending on the product, where the zipper will be sewn in, you need to choose the appropriate type:

  • spiral zipper is used for bags, backpacks, small haberdashery (T6, T8, P5, P7);
  • plastic (molded) zipper is used for sports and travel products (L7, L8).

According to the method of opening and the number of sliders, zippers can be of the following types:

  • closed-end or two-way closed-end zippers – for all types of bags and backpacks;
  • open-end or two-way open-end zippers – for covers;
  • zipper continuous chain – if you do not know the exact dimensions of the product.

The choice of the zipper shade is carried out according to the color card or it is selected individually according to the product color. Additionally, we offer a logo on the slider pull.

Buy zippers for a backpack or a bag in Germany

We offer a wide range of zippers at a wholesale price from the manufacturer. Delivery is possible throughout Europe. Please contact us, our specialists will consult and provide you with all the necessary information.

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