Molniya factory has been manufacturing zippers for the footwear segment for over 45 years. For manufacturers, we recommend choosing the following zippers:

  • T6 spiral woven. It is made of high-quality polyester yarns and fully woven. The width of the closed coil is 6mm.
  • P7 spiral sewn. Its difference is that a separately made coil is sewn to the tape. The width of the closed links is 7mm.

Our own production allows us to make a zipper of any length and color, according to the needs of our Customer or you can purchase it as of a continuous chain zipper.

Special options

We offer the most popular additional options:

  • Zipper with stitch line. It is designed for more correct positioning of the zipper when sewing it into the product (for T6).
  • Water-repellent zipper. The special hydrophobic composition provides a long-term water-repellent effect (for T6).
  • High density of tape. It gives zippers additional rigidity (for T6).
  • Applying a logo to a slider’s puller using a mold or laser (for T6 and P7).

Buy footwear zipper wholesale

At Molniya, we constantly check each batch in our own certified laboratory using German and Japanese equipment. The quality of our products is confirmed by the relevant passport.

You can get a consultation and order zippers by leaving a request in the special form on our website or using the Contacts. We deliver throughout Germany and other European countries.

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