Closed-end zipper is a zipper that allows unzipping products only to the bottom end. This zipper is best used in trousers, skirts, dresses, pockets, as well as haberdashery.

Close-end zipper by Molniya

Molniya factory produces closed-end zippers for different types of fasteners with one or two sliders:

  • T4;
  • T6;
  • Reversed T6 (only one slider);
  • T8;
  • P3 (only one slider);
  • L7.

An end in a closed-end zipper can be metal, plastic, or welded.

For spiral zipper, we offer metal or welded, while for molded zipper, we offer plastic (matching the blade color). For P3 invisible zippers, we offer only welded one.

Cooperating with Molniya, you can order:

  • zippers of any length;
  • zipper color from a wide palette of trendy colors;
  • color to match your product;
  • drawing a logo on a slider pull;
  • an individual form of a pull to order.

Buy closed-end zipper in Germany

We sell zippers in small and large wholesale. You can place an order and get a consultation using the Contacts listed on our website. We deliver to all European countries.

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