High-quality trouser and skirt zippers from the manufacturer
High-quality trouser and skirt zippers from the manufacturer

Trouser and skirt zippers are usually of spiral type. The main criterion for choosing zippers is their quality. First of all, the fittings must fulfill their function and be resistant to frequent use. Let us consider the types of spiral zippers that are best suited for manufacturing the above items.

Choosing the proper zippers for trousers and skirts

The following zippers are recommended for these types of clothing:

  • Concealed zipper. Being almost invisible makes the product more sophisticated. Two versions available: dense polyester or thin nylon. Most often used for skirts and dresses.
  • T4 spiral woven zipper. Usually one-way closed-end. It is usually called “trimming” zipper. The width of the tape is 25 mm, and the width of the closed chain is 4 mm. The top and the bottom stops are made of metal.
  • Continuous chain zipper. Produced for type T4 as a 250m roll. Sliders are not provided. When choosing this version, better buy a slider and a zipper from the same manufacturer. Otherwise, you may face some problems during the operation of the zipper.

Choosing a color

An important step is the choice of color and shades. Trousers, skirts, shorts and other similar products require maximum accuracy in color. We offer a rich color card, which presents a fashionable and popular palette of recent years. When choosing a color according to the electronic card, always remember about potential inaccuracy in the display of shades on different displays. In this case, please contact the managers for additional advice and clarifications.

For more demanding manufacturers, Molniya PJSC offers an exclusive service as a customized color. So the zipper will match the tone of the product as much as possible. All you need is to send a fabric sample of at least 10 sq.cm, and we will select a shade to match the product.

Buy zippers wholesale from the manufacturer

Molniya PJSC has been manufacturing zippers for over 46 years for leading Ukrainian and foreign textile companies. Our zippers comply with international quality standards (OEKO-TEX100, SGS). Each batch is carefully checked for defects, so that each of our customers receives only high-quality goods. Use contacts on our website to order. We deliver to all European countries.